I thought that the most boring-est topic that i ever had to take in NUS would be Geography.
I've proven that theory by spending most of my time in Geography lectures sleeping or surfing Facebook catching up with the latest gossip. Why should i care about what the lecturer says about climate change? Heck, the talk about climate change and how it could affect our lives have been going on since the day i knew how to talk and i still don't see or feel anything resulting from climate change.

Guess it's the typical Malaysian attitude i have.
"Aiyah, what ice cap melt, ocean level rise and temperature gets warmer? Nothing one geh la!"

Being ignorant is a bliss i guess.
I'm only affected by only what i see, refusing to take a look beyond the borders i live in.
I doubt that my actions would impact the world even if i choose to change. What can a puny Lukey do?
Sleep more with fans off while someone dozes off with both air-cond and lights and computer on with music blasting out from speakers?
Why should i suffer while you get to enjoy life?

Humans are that selfish i guess.
Total self enjoyment is the top priority, others' concern don't bother mean. Even if my actions could affect a farmer living 1000 kilometers away, why should i care? He dying is his problem not mine.

Somehow i realize how folly my logic is.
I have an amazing capability to turn off what i do not want to hear and just tune in into things that make me feel good. Well, not anymore. To when must i continue to be ignorant and arrogant?
Until the sea levels do eventually cover Singapore?

The video my Geography lecturer shown me kinda struck its point.
Though Geography videos, being Geographical in nature can be still quite boring, is very relevant especially in our lives today. If i was not shown the facts straight in the face, i would have still been living in my own comfortable cocoon.

The video is called the HomeProject video, it's movie length documentary which can start off quite slow in the beginning but trust me, once you reach the end, you'll be holding unto the seat. You might be also thinking "WTF?!" when the facts are shown to you. That was what i did.

Just click on the link to bring you to Youtube. 
It's definitely something worth watching, especially if you happen to be a student like me, growing up in the city oblivious to how life revolves around the world and around nature.


  1. LUKEY!! how can you asy geography is boring!!! haha but then again ge1101e is horrible - still dunno why i chose to major in it. But YEPS! think about it, if 1000000 other people like you thought about it and decided to do something about it, we can change the world. or at least i hope we can. haha. we try la, at least? :P
    -manyan :)

  2. haha i'll sure try, no worries. i love this earth too much. hmm certainly did not know you are a geo major


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