I feel sticky all over after a hard day of filming.
It was a good experience though. The sad things is just that bathing does not seem like a viable option now because i'm heading out later again to support a friend's concert. No point getting all sweaty again after a good bath. So i think i'll just hop into some random clothing and stay uncomfortable for a few hours at most.

There's this thought that have been lingering in my mind for days now.
You know there are some people, some "friends", you might say, that always gives you lectures about all the things friends should do and should not do to each other. They speak as if they have the authority of a person who have a PhD in friendships. If you happen to so called break their perceived "Rules of Friendship", they will throw a tantrum and complain about how unfriendly you can be. Even if you have reasons explaining your actions.

Problem is, when it comes to them, they have no problem stepping over their "Rules" with excuses that only works for them but not you. What happen to do unto others what you want on yourself?

Seems to me like they can only think in terms of themselves, through themselves and for themselves without putting themselves in other shoes. Why am i ranting in this blog? Because speaking to them will only result in me getting a "detention" of some sort.



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