What i'm looking forward to when i go back to my hometown Ipoh in a few hours time:

The delicious taste of Ipoh's "hor fun"!!! And other nice foods! My taste buds have suffered enough eating the dismal hostel's dinner for 2 months already.

The hilly areas around Ipoh! I had enough of the flat pancake surface of Singapore. A little bit more variety would be nice. Hill climbing time!

Driving around town in my beloved Kancil. Hopefully there's a pretty girl who would sit in my car this time 

Get lots of Angpow during Chinese New Year! But this year would be kinda sad because i have to halve all my collections as i'm now studying in Singapore and the money i would be getting would be in RM. How i wish to be like some of my friends, their relatives are switching their angpow to Sing Dollars just because they're now studying in Singapore.

What's Chinese New Year without firecrackers? Bombs away!

Hmm, maybe try playing cards to increase my money collection?

Not forgetting what Ipoh is also famous for, Leng Luis / Hot Babes! Fweet! Must wash eye wash eye first before go back. And time for babe watching time with my buddies. Oh, and not to mention...

Ipoh Leng Zai / hot guy too!

Ipoh, here i come!!!


Broke my record for latest sleeping time today. I slept at 9 am. Not because i want to, but because my hostel, Eusoff Hall, has won the Inter Hostel Games, which i guess is quite a big thing for my hostel mates. Because they were celebrating until 7 am in the morning. Which is the reason i cannot sleep.

Well, there's one thing that i got from the singing though. The song "We Are The Champions" is now officially on my hated songs list. Try listening to a song again and again during the wee hours in the morning have an effect to make you hate that song.

But anyways, congratulations to Eusoff Hall for winning IHG 09/10! 
Next time if you're gonna celebrate this way again, please at least provide earmuffs to us who want to sleep...


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