MSL Kayaking Trip

I wanted a very stylish hairstyle to wow my relatives and friend for Chinese New Year (CNY).  Seems like Mr Hairstylist does not agree with me and think that for CNY, what you need is a funny hairstyle.  So you can be the fella who bring out laughters from everyone during CNY.  And that's why he chose to give me this hairstyle.

 Freakingly short and look like a small boy!  I could imagine my relatives ROFL-ing and LOL-ing.  FML

 After a long period of procrastinating, i'm finally going to update about my kayak trip with MSL friends!  

My mother used to ask me not to go near water or do any water activities due to the fact that i do not know how to swim.  She's afraid that if i drop into the water, then it's bye bye for me.  But who knows, if i drop into water it will spark off an entire love story because sexy girls like them may come to save me.

Baywatch Babes!

Of course me myself has also made the necessary preparation to ensure that i am fully prepared for what is ahead.  One of it would be my shirt.

They say by wearing a striking colour, you will be easier to spot if you drop into the water.  So i choose yellow!  (Wanted to choose pink but all m pink clothes is in the washing machine)

Kayak, here i come!

MacRitchie Reservoir, the place where we're kayaking.  Who says Singapore is only full of tall buildings?

Our 'boarding' place

One thing the people at MSL forgot to mention about kayaking is that the percentage of you getting wet.  They did say that "maybe" i will be wet and advise bringing an extra shirt.  I happily followed orders and only brought an extra shirt thinking that i will not be wet as long as i do not drop into water.  Which is not the case when you choose to kayak with a whole bunch of friends armed with pedals.

Water War!!!!!!  Lucky my kayak was quite far away.

The last kayak standing will be crowned the handsomest kayak of all.  Fight!!!

Okay people, lets stop this meaningless water war for a while and smile for the camera!  And my kayak partner happily decides to block my face =(

Never mind, there's always a next photo

And there's the compulsory group photo by the end of the day as a proof that we really went kayaking.
However, this was an epic fail group photo because we forgot that half of the people went to the bathroom to change their clothes

When they came back, we only realized that we're missing half of the people in the first photo.  Did we tell them?  Of course not!  We just took another group photo without them knowing.  Shh...

More people this time!

MSL Kayaking Trip, McDonald (McDonald is so much easier to remember) Reservoir 2010!

By the end of the day, i had a really wet pants despite not falling into the water.  Not to mention a really wet underwear.  Thanks to the constant splash of water from the enemy kayaks.

My sexy pants look

Lesson learned?
Bring extra underwear next time!!


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