Ipoh Rantings

I cannot believe it! I have been offline for 2 days straight (i think) in a very very long time. Didn't realized how addicted i was to the internet (eg Facebook, blogging) until i came back Ipoh. As my house have no wireless router and my neighbour refuses to part with his password, i have no choice but to wait til everyone is asleep to use the computer with the internet access. If not, i would have to endure  a wrestling match with my brother or a debate with my sister to secure the rights to use this pesky desktop. Most of the time, i would just skip all this and play with my laptop games.

My new gaming spot, transformed from a piano bench.

Speaking of my laptop, i think it is seriously the time to delete some games from it. The reason is because even my brother can sit on hours without end playing my laptop. And it's supposed to be a uni student's laptop. 

Look at all the Jolly Shandy he drank. No wonder i find it hard to un-glue myself from this laptop too.

Most of my days (and nights) in Ipoh were spent on everything but studying. The 2 books that i brought back is still sitting in my bag. Makes me wonder why on Earth did i sweat and pant while carrying the bag just because i wanted to bring 2 books back "in case" i want to study. And i can't leave the books back here at Ipoh. Which means i have to sweat and pant again carrying the freakingly heavy bag thanks to the textbooks when i go back to Singapore. Next year, i'm gonna bring only the lightest textbook back. or get my self an e-book. Or bring a packet of cards instead.

Because during CNY, wherever we go, we play cards. Even outside during "yum cha" period. Michelle is having so much fun playing Asshole Dai Di in Station 1 Cafe in this photo.

As i was uploading photos from my phone just now, i stumbled across 4 photos of the same person in it. In roughly the same pose. Guess who is it?

Jia Yee! Hmm, maybe i can start a photo taking and uploading service using my phone.

Never leave your phone unattended.


  1. lol. Where i finish those jolly shandy. And don delete the assasin creed 2


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