First Day in Ipoh!

My first day back in Ipoh was mostly spent at my good ol' house because i wanted to be a good boy and sit around house. If not i can expect a home lecture from mum which goes like, "First day back in home so fast want go out with friends already. Now is family more important or friends more important?". Another reason of me sticking around house would be the absence of credit from my phone. Which means i can't call any of my friends to go out. I should really get the Super Long Life plan from DiGi.

I did manage to sneak out from my house a while after the reunion dinner. Thanks to my buddy David who still remembered me. Went out with my church friends to a newly built chill out area in Ipoh. A place called De'Garden if i'm not mistaken. Sounds classy, and certainly looks classy from the outside too.

Outside view. First time see such a nice place in Ipoh

One of their design concepts. Certainly have some CNY feeling because of the red colour

Since it's the first time most for most of us here, we took a walk around to check out the area. I must say this place has a quite elegant and cool look to it. Certainly different from much of the normal areas we Ipoh youths are used to. 

The toilets are so classy and un-Malaysian (which means it's very clean) that even me and David decides to camwhore in it. Just to understand the feel of why girls like to take pictures in the toilet.

Turns out to be quite fun til we choose to take 2 pictures. Until a uncle walked in with a strange look on his face staring at us. I bet he must be thinking "WTF??".

There's even a waterway with lights which Miss Stella Chong happily agreed to pose beside.

Saw this big jeep in the parking lot. Looks like the guy who own this jeep just came down from a mountain trip or something.

The benefit of having SMART. Can park wherever you like without much hassle. Even my Kancil lose to it

Does this guy look strangely familiar?
Hmm, looks like Colonel Sanders tried selling coffee before he sold fried chicken. Well, like they say, if you can't succeed at one thing, there's always other better choices.

I seriously need to buy a camera that takes good photo under bad lighting.

Culture of Malaysian teenagers. Always wait til last minute to find out where should we sit down, eat, drink and talk cock. Pictured here is a mini meeting at work. 
"Eh, we forgot to choose where we would like to drink..."

 Eventually chose the nearest cafe where we were having a mini meeting.

Coffee T.O.S Bistro. Looks classy on outside

The design inside is quite nice too. An ambient environment. Until we saw the menu.

Classy cafe of course means classy price right? Wahliao eh... even my Singaporean standard also can't take this. RM 3.50 for iced coffee? Better go 'mamak' stall and drink. 

We did however, ordered some drinks but no food. Luckily all of us had reunion dinner. Some of us were still hungry though, so we did what sensible people would normally do. Second round! At mamak stall!

My favorite mamak stall near where i live, Tasek. Called Naina Mohamed. We like to call it Jalina though. The reason why still eludes me

 Maggie goreng that deserves to be called maggie goreng. Beats all Singaporean maggie goreng hands down. Well, as much as Singapore is better than us in many aspects, at least our mamak food still taste better than them. Malaysia Boleh! 

And i'm a happy man by the end of the day. Coming back to Ipoh sure is a fun thing to do. Will be attending church tomorrow. Can't wait for the time to collect $$$ and not to mention showing off the best set of clothes i can get for the entire year. 

Oh not forgetting, i would like to wish all my loyal blog readers, friends and pretty girls a Happy Happy Romantic Valentines Chinese New Year!

P/s: For pretty girls who are feeling lonely this Valentines, you can always find me cause i'm SAD! Single, available and desperate! My number is +6014-Lukey-is-Handsome! Girls only oh, guys are not welcomed...


  1. hey where is this TOS place, I'm supposed to go there for my primary school reunion. By the way, what's your m'sia's number, can come out to yum cha. mine's 013-3717539

  2. TOS is opposite jusco. LOL mine is 014-9071034


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