Babies. I never really thought of them much last time in my life. To me, they're just another stage in life, in which there's not much significance. And when some of my friends go crazy over them, i could not really understand why because to me,babies are nothing special.

Of course, there are also people who are even worse than me. Babies to them are like nuisance. They view babies as a burden and would prefer not to have any at all. Even if they do have babies, it is because of pressures from in-laws for example. They loathe taking over their "children", preferring to hand over these troublesome little creatures to someone else to take care as they have things more important to focus on. Things like getting promoted in office or buying a new car.


Well, after taking PL3234 Developmental Psychology class in my uni for 5 weeks, i must admit that my view regarding babies have taken a quite a change.

This class has really helped me to understand babies for who they are and to appreciate them. I learned many things about babies, why do they act in a particular way and how do they adapt to their environment. You could call this a mini parenting class if you want, because this class focuses a lot on child development. Thanks to this class, i have begun to see things in a different way and surprisingly, it has done a really good job in convincing me to have a baby of my own after i marry. 

Because in truth, babies are in fact bundles of joy. Gifts from God. A miracle. Everything happy.

Some of us might tend to view babies in a negative light because we do not understand them. In fact, the cryings that are so hateful to some of us may become quite a cute thing if we understand the purpose behind it.

Most importantly, the class taught me the importance of good parenting. 

  I've seen people who complains about their babies all the time before. These are the people whom i mentioned just now who view their own children as some sort of burden. They take no joy in taking care of their babies and they view it as a mundane task, maybe even a hateful chore, to look after the babies. They have no idea what impact it will have on the child. By avoiding to get emotionally attached to the child or even responding negatively to the baby, these "parents" are setting a stage of crisis for the child in years to come. In short, they are not good parents.

As for me, i want to have a child of my own. And i will try my best to become a good parent. Because it is my responsibility and because i want my child to succeed in life. Then, maybe i look back and smile without regrets in my old age. Because the opportunity to raise a child together with the person you love is one of the biggest blessing in life God could ever give to someone in life.

PL3234, Developmental Psychology, maybe you should consider taking it too.


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