With the seventh attack on a Miri church, i have to admit i'm kinda worried of the situation in Malaysia now.  One of the reasons being me as a Christian, my family are all Christians and most of my friends in Malaysia are Christians.  It's funny how a small matter could turn into a full blown issue if it is politicized correctly.  More amazing is the fact that the majority of Muslims (i hope i am wrong here) choose to only hear their side of the story without listening to the countless explanation and articles of the opposite side of their view, both by non-Muslims and Muslims.

Maybe this is what is called the confirmation bias that i have studied in Psychology.  That someone refuse to listen to the other side of the argument and instead choose only to believe to arguments conforming to his/her beliefs.  This is not good as when we fail to take into account the other side of the argument as a good argument requires you to rebut the opposing view.  Failure to take into account other people's perspective will lead to failure of tolerance which in the end could only mean violence.

I don't want Malaysia to become like another Afghanistan or Pakistan. 


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