Trip To Batu Pahat

I'll be going to Batu Pahat, Johor, later with my other 3 buddies, Jason, Kok Weng and Xian You, to chill out in Xian You's house.  And maybe do some Chinese New Year shopping since everything is cheaper in Malaysia.  Will be gone for a week i think so might not be able to update this blog so frequently as now.

3 of them are trying to make me dye my hair when i reach BP.  I would love to, but i can't.  I have scalp problems and i'm not taking any chances with it.  I have received ample warnings and even my mother knows about it.  Even if i don't kill myself for dying my hair, my mother will.  So no matter what, my hair stays black.  I don't want losing my hair and wasting my mum's money for my scalp treatment.  Even if it means getting into a fight.  I hope they will understand.

Til the next blog post then, bye!


  1. zZzZ...You all leave me alone~~~ And SH not yet come back either~~~ =.=

  2. haha.. aiyah still got a lot of people ma huang hua


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