I took a bus today.  It was like any bus on the outside, but once i stepped in, i was greeted by the driver of the bus, "Hello, welcome and good morning!".  It wasn't only me alone, for every passenger that stepped into his bus, he greeted each and everyone of them.  With a smile.  And when it was time for me to get down from my destination, he turned around, thanked me and wished me a nice day.  It was not my first time taking his bus either, so i knew he had been doing this for like almost all of his career as a driver.

From the bottom of my heart, i salute and admire him.  Because i know that if i was in his place, i will have not found the courage and motivation to be kind to others day after day.  Like any normal human, i expect rewards every time i do something good.  I expect people to take notice of me.  And if i do not get any returns, i will give up and see no point in being kind anymore.  Because it's not worth it.  But this driver is different, he is doing it not because of some greater reward nor for others to take notice of him.  Even if some passengers ignored him, he did not give up.  Day after day, year after year.

Because he knew by being kind, he could brighten up a person's day.

I wished i could say the same for myself.  Even with my friends, whenever i give in to them, i expect them to give in to me too some other time.  And if they don't, i will get all emotional.  How is it that someone can continue to be selfless, ignoring what they want themselves completely and just focus on the needs of others?  I do not know.  I think this is the biggest homework God has given me.  To give selflessly, without complaining, to be there for my friends no matter what, without caring for myself.

Some might dismiss this as stupid, i think the same way too, that's why i say it's my homework, but in fact, when you care about yourself too much, life would be much harder than if you were to care less about what you want.  You would not get annoyed easily if sometimes your friend forget about you.  Because you're not hoping for any returns.  You're merely doing everything for your friend because you love them.

Selfless love.  Unreserved love.  Love without the hope of rewards.
I still have so much to learn.


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