Shopping Spoils!

Today... today... i went shopping!  At Batu Pahat Mall, that is.

Yes, i know it's hard to believe, even myself is shocked too!  I remember the days back then where i thought of shopping as a method used by my mother to punish me if i ever misbehave.  And pillars in shopping centers were my best friends then, as they are literally my "pillars of support" in the midst of tiring and energy sapping shopping quests.  Back then, i would leave all the shopping to my mother.  Clothes, pants, shoes will be all my mother's choice.

Flash forward about ten years later, even the notion of leaving choices of clothes to my mum seems strangely odd, if not scary.  I guess the urge of wanting to be independent comes naturally with age.  I'm much more comfortable buying clothes which i can see and try for myself.  And besides, to go forth and multiply, i need to look my best right?

Other than wanting to make my own choice, i also realized that shopping has a strange therapeutic effect.  There's this odd sense of triumph when you know you got yourself a really good deal of cloth, shoe, etc.  Guess this is what make girls enjoy shopping that much.

I feel the same way too after buying myself an awesome pants and shoes for a really good price.  Nothing beats the feeling knowing that come Chinese New Year, you'll be among the league of handsome guys.  Even if it's just only for that day, i don't really mind.  Able to be handsome for 1 day is better than being ugly the whole year.  At least you get to beat the cycle.

Even better, i got both of those for under RM 200!  Guess i finally found 1 of my talents which is in shopping.  I guess my future girlfriend would love this talent too.


  1. One step nearer to become girl, lukey~ XD

  2. to go forth and multiply? it sounds like some computer game already!


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