Pain in the back!

Finally, i'm gonna update something about my life!  Didn't got to sleep the whole night yesterday because some of us decided to be macho.  Macho in the sense that we thought we could swim without sunblock around 10 am to 12 pm in our university swimming pool.  The results?  Sunburn!  And it's pain!  My whole back is now flaming red and every time someone pat me on my shoulders, i will jump to the ceiling.  I am now sadly also resigned to sleeping on my sides, for the whole night in the same position or risk jumping out the bed because of the pain.
Lesson learned?  Sunblock every time you swim!

Suggestion for their new ads: "You can't be macho if you're sunburned!"

Watched the movie Fireproof again (original post about the movie HERE) but this time was not with any Christian friends or in any Christian groups, instead it was 3 of my hostel best buddies Jason, Kok Weng and Huang Hua.  Wanna thank you guys again for the second time for willing to spend time and watch the movie.  I understand that sometimes people wouldn't like Christian things very much because well, sometimes Christians can be quite annoying in spreading the gospel.  
But when you have found something good in life, for example a good movie or ways to get perfect results every time you sit for exams, of course you wanna share with your friends.  Because happy things in life are worth sharing and not worth keeping alone.  There's sure to be a reason why some of us are so die hard in telling everyone about Christianity, even when we might be rejected or when we might be labeled as Christian freaks by our friends.  So hope you all understand.  Most importantly, hope you all will learn something from the movie, even with the Christian messages aside.  Especially about the love your partner part even when there is no reward.

Well, guess that's all about my life updates now.  Will talk update more in the next post!


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