Midnight Rantings

I am a guy but sometimes, i find it hard to understand guys myself.

One month ago, there was this guy who was in love with this girl, A, or sort of.  He was helping to hold her bags, always close to her, well, displaying all sorts of actions a guy would normally do to a girl he likes.  Friends of that guy say he liked her and the might probably get together.

Flash forward 1 month and the girl in the picture is not A anymore but another one.  A change of heart? And it's not the first time too.  But why so fast?

 Sometimes i find myself doubting the sincerity of these people when it comes to relationship.  Are they really heads over heels with that girl or is it a mere infatuation that will die down after a few weeks?  And then will it be off to another girl?  Are the feelings sincere?

Call me conservative or what, but i believe that if you like a girl, the feelings you have for her would not just go "puff" in a day or two.  No matter what happens, you would still want to be close to her and every moment would feel like heaven.  Isn't that love?

But why is love nowadays like hunting animals in the ancient days?  You do it merely just for fun, the thrill of it.  And when you get bored, you look for another prey and dump the current one.  Is this love?  I don't know.  Maybe the meaning has taken a whole new level with the dawn of the 21st century to something more "open" or "liberal" perhaps?

No wonder some girls hate guys so much.

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