Inba "I See You" Duet

It's amazing how with the advancement of technology, you can be famous overnight if you have the right talents or material.
Take Youtube for example, you can showcase whatever you have to the world for free.
If you're lucky, you'll be a hit and the next thing you know you'll be appearing on TV screens.

Here's another example of someone bound to be famous.
His name is Joey Goldberg and see how he harmonize to the song "I See You", theme song of Avatar sung by Leona Lewis, without actually recording the song with her.
I'll let the video do the talking.


I think this duet version is better than the original version because the story of Avatar is about two people and one person singing the song wouldn't be so nice.  The song would be incomplete.  Five star rating to this song!

Guess i also should start harmonizing other things since i can't sing really well.
If i can get famous, then i don't have to study anymore!

Maybe i can harmonize my acting with Avatar?
Or harmonize me telling lame jokes with Jim Carrey?


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