I Resolve to...

Lukey's 2010 10 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Get rid of the ants that are currently infesting my room, even if it means blowing the entire room up with explosives but preferably with less violent methods.  Open to suggestion from fellow pest busters

2.  Keep my hair black and keep my hair on my head so please don't force me to dye my hair  >.<

3. Exercise more or eat less or buy larger sized clothings

4. "Try" to limit sleeping hours per day to 8, and preferably in one go

5. Clean my room once per week or at least when Mr Cockroach decides to stop by

6. Learn to iron my clothes, at least the clothes which needs ironing

7. Learn the art of keeping a distance from each other, especially with my computer

8. Try to make less cold jokes and more hot jokes.  If cannot, just try to keep quiet when the impulse to tell a joke appears

9. Try to remember that normal human's sleeping time is at 11 pm, not 11 am.  And don't confuse my identity with Batman cause he's rich and can afford to sleep at 11 am without any consequences.  I'm not

10. Meetings, classes, tutorials, work-times that are supposed to start at 10 am starts at 10 am, not 10.30 am nor 11.00 am.

Oh and also not forgetting one more extra resolution.  Ahem.

11. Maintain the current handsome-ness if not becoming more handsome.


  1. Well...Buy larger size clothings cannot solve your problem~


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