I miss it.

I miss playing bass guitar.  I still remember the fun time i had when i was back in church, jamming with my friends, hearing myself producing music along with my friends to form a beautiful song.  Though i am nowhere near good, i still enjoyed it because i love music.  And playing the bass guitar gives me a sense of escape.  To put down all of my worries and just immerse myself into the song.  Especially when i'm playing Christian songs, it brings me closer to God.

I thought i could do the same in university, if not at least in my hostel because they have a music studio here.  Turned out that i was wrong.  Seems like the facility is only for band members, or at least those with superb music skills.  People like me?  I can only look from afar at those "superb" people playing.

I guess this is how things work in Singapore.  You have to have something good to offer to be accepted.  Be it choir, band, sports or drama.  You have to be already an expert to be accepted or if you can fork out a sum of cash as "learning fees".

I miss the days back in my hometown when everyone is given a fair chance to learn.  Be it if you already have the skills or not.  In church or in school.

I want to enjoy the feeling of playing bass guitar again.  But i guess this "want" have to come with a price tag in Singapore. Ka-ching

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