I just only want to say "What the fuck?!"

I though i was reading news from conflict torn countries like Palestine or Afghanistan when i first saw today's news headlines.  Turns out the conflict is just right next door, or more accurately, in my own home country. 

This is indeed a saddening day.  A country like Malaysia who prides itself on "racial harmony" having to experience incidences like this.  What is the difference now between Malaysia now and other backward, third world countries?

The funny thing that before the attack, some politicians even went as far as to say that they will allow protests to go, and will only take action when the situation gets out of hand.  They certainly did not act that way when opposition parties were holding peaceful candlelight vigils.  I'm guessing that either those FRU dudes are having a vacation or our dear politicians love to practice double talk. 

The funnier thing is that all these were not sparked by an attack on a mosque, degrading of Islam by Christians or any sort of invasion, i would say.  It's all because Christians who spoke Malay wanted to use the word Allah to refer to God.  Another thing to take into consideration is that those Christians who spoke Malay have been using it for ages.
As far as i know, and as the countless articles around the internet have said, Allah is a Arabic word.  If the Malay Muslims who wants a word to refer to god almighty to be exclusive to themselves, then invent a new word.  Don't use Allah then because you have to share it too with Christians in the Middle East and Indonesia.

There are still a lot that i can write about why i think the Malay Muslims who protested are a bunch of ignorant idiots but i'll leave it up to the experts.  Go to Malaysian Insider if you want to find out more.

The only thing that i wanted to say was the people who stirred up this issue, these so called "defenders of Islam" are nothing more like terrorists we see in newspapers.  Resorting to extreme measures instead of love and tolerance encourage by Islam, acting ignorant to the facts are nowhere near religious. 

I beg of you, Muslim brothers and sisters who might be reading this blog, not to be taken into by all their speeches which are nothing but full of lies just to gain personal advantages.
They care nothing more about religion than insects are, because all on their mind is to stoke some fire and they will enjoy all the support they want.

I know of Muslims who are kind, tolerant and rational.  Please do not change this into a negative view.


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