I Hate This

It has been quite some time now since i last felt like this.  The feeling of wanting to be next to someone closely, to hear her voice, to see her smile and to enjoy every moment with her.  To feel the thumping of your heart when you're next to her, to rub your sweaty palms whenever you're talking to her. 

I hate this.  I hate feeling like this again.  Because i know i'm bound to get hurt.

How often the person whom we like feels the same way as us?  Most of the time, we might just end up at the sidelines, wanting just to be friends, unwilling to take another step forward, afraid that it will spoil the friendship, eventually looking on as a more dashing and charming guy sweeps her away.

I hate this.  I don't want to feel this way again.  Because i know where it is going to lead to.


  1. lukey gotta new target...
    bbe sure 2 bring her back 4 CNY lololololololololololol..........


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