Why do i always expect my friends to treat me the same way i treat them?
Why couldn't i just be a good friend without expecting my friends to be good to me too just like Jesus?
Why couldn't i just give without expecting anything in return?
 Why do i feel hurt when i give so much for my friends and all they can do is say "paiseh" (sorry) whenever they break a promise or do something without me?
Is there any way that can make me don't care whenever they forget about me?
Wouldn't life be so much easier like that?

Sometimes i just wished i could be like Jesus.
He did not care when others ridiculed him and forsaken him, even when if they were his closest friends.
Unconditional love.

I don't know.
Maybe it's just me.
Maybe we are not supposed to give a damn when friends forget about us.
Maybe forgetting about friends isn't such a big deal after all, as what i have seen in university.

Maybe the definition of friends is all wrong too.
Friends are not the people you share your deepest secrets with, enjoy life with, cry with or the people who will always be by your side no matter what storms in life.
Maybe friends are just the people whom you just share some laughter, maybe a beer or two, the people you find if you need money or lecture notes or if your DOTA game do not have enough players.  Never more than that.


  1. Ya,sometimes I also wonder am i able to find at least ONE true friend in university...

  2. LOL, well, it all depends on luck actually. And how much energy are you willing to put in


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