"How could you LOVE someone who constantly rejects you over and over again?"

This was one of the themes that i loved from the movie Fireproof.  I watched it during the Christian Fellowship gathering.  Though it may be a Christian movie, i find the movie to be quite different from ordinary Christian movies which emphasizes too much on preaching the gospel.  This movie decides to take it differently by exploring a growing trend in our society today, DIVORCE.

In our society today, i'm sure most of us have grown accustomed to the concept of divorce.  Some might even think of it as something necessary or something that is good when you hit a roadblock in marriage.

But how have you truly consider about what is divorce?  Why divorce?  And if you gonna get married in the first place, why consider divorce later when there's trouble?  What happened to "til death do us part"?

"When people say for better or worse in marriage, most of the time they only mean for the better"

Whether you believe in Him or not, i think Jesus made a very good point in saying that there is no such thing as divorce in the Bible.  Because true love never stops loving, even when there is no reward, even when you are constantly rejected.  True love withstands all trials.

Maybe that is what's wrong with society nowadays.  Most of us want an instant love, to enjoy all those feelings and leave at the first signs of trouble.  Be it like minor thing like your partner is going off to overseas to study, there's a hotter babe around or if she does not want to have sex with you, you are off and before anyone knew it, you're now in a new relationship, all over in "love" again.

Love requires commitment, and marriage for me, is not a contract that you can sign and cancel when you feel that your spouse is not offering you what you wanted.  Or claiming that your spouse "changed" and not the person you "used" to know.  I find people who use these claims quite funny, to be honest.
Why jump into relationship and the first sign of a quick heartbeat without even trying to understand the person first?

If you're gonna only love the good parts of your partner and not his/her weaknesses, that's not love.

Enough of me ranting.  I think you must be quite bored now.
Well, as for me, i think i'll stick to the theme song of the movie, "While I'm Waiting".  I'll leave it to the Lord to provide for me.  Because i know He knows best, and i'm not in a rush to get into a relationship.

Because love is patient.

P/S: If you guys are thinking about wanting to watch this movie or not, or if you think this movie sucks without watching it yet, you might want to take a look at the trailer.  Who knows?


  1. i think your 'rantings" are quite cool, not boring at all. It's not too different from my 'mental acrobatics'. Look @ some of my previous blogpost @

  2. good that you have such thinking..

    many people are stuck in the infatuation phase and they say they're so in love whereas they could just break up so suddenly and get together with a new one within a short period of time...

    of course, things will seem different when that situation happen to us but it is in finding courage and confidence to take steps congruent to our belief

  3. lol... i watch dat movie a few times lol.. got da soundtrack and went 2 get da love dare book which was inside d movie... a super lesson 2 learn.. aiks lol...


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