One of my friend mentioned to me that one of the essence of a successful blog is the ability to talk cock.  Not in the sense of talking to a chicken or start making rooster sounds, if you're not a Malaysian or Singaporean, because talk cock happens to be another Manglish or Singlish word invented by the creative minds of people in these countries who want to be proficient in English but ends up confusing it with other languages.  Word's like "-lah", "-loh" are a classic example that Malaysians and Singaporeans often forget that words from Malay, Hokkien or Cantonese should stay Malay, Hokkien or Cantonese.

 A typical cock cocking (please don't get the wrong ideas)

Of course, before i start talking cock, i must be able to define what is talk cock in case an ang moh (foreigner) decides to stop by my blog.  Globalization-mah, must know how to globalize my product!

According to Wiktionary (sheesh, they have almost Wiki for everything nowadays, before you know it, they will start Wiki-ing about things like.... like.... gosh, i can't even think of things they have not Wiki yet, even the word "shit" has a Wiki page.  Maybe it's time to do a Wiki of my own, but that will be in another blog post) Talk Cock basically means: To talk nonsense or engage in idle chatter.

So, i guess a blog post have to be nonsense to be good?  That explains why i enjoy doing nonsense (as my secondary school teacher would have put it) rather than doing things like concentrating on the teacher teaching.  You couldn't really blame me for that because it is not my fault that she chooses to focus her attention talking to the wall rather than me.  So naturally my focus will drift off to somewhere else more important.  Like adding to the beautiful works of art on my table.  One of it would be a portrait of the teacher's face in a rather "Picasso" manner.

Or should i "engage in idle chatter"?  So guess what i have to do is to grab a cup of coffee, head to the nearest water dispensing machine and chatter away.  Wait, that is what they do in work place.  Guess i just have to settle for in front of my room's mirror.

"Hey Mr Luke, how are you?"
 "I'm fine, thank you.  And do you look goooood today"
"You too Mr Luke the second.  I guess we both share the same good looking genes"
"Oh, sure we do handsome.  Sure we do"

Ok, this is getting creepy.  If i want to self praise, i have my friends as audience for that.  In fact, every time the phrase "I am handsome" pops up, i'm the first person to pop into their mind.  Of course, it can be either of i'm really handsome or i have to start cutting down on self praise activity.

And of course, like all activities, talking cock must have an end too.  For now, i have to take my rest and eat the chicken (or cock?) rice that i have take away for my dinner.  This is my first attempt and cock talk, but it certainly will not be the last, provided i do not get thrown by eggs for a cock post.


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