And the Oscar goes to....

When i was young i always wanted to be an actor.
Maybe it was because of the fame, glory and acceptance from others.
The hard part of it never came to me though.

I certainly did not anticipate the hard work and sweat you have to put in just to make a scene in a movie looks nice.  Now i had my chance in acting, i only realized that no dreams are easy in this world, with the exception of being a cleaner or maid, maybe.  Everything needs hard work, including acting that looks so easy to the majority of us.  I now know the feeling of all those actors that we always took for granted. I have just finished filming from 9 am to 6 pm and honestly, it was tiring.  And that's just 3 scenes.  Still have lots to continue tomorrow but who am i to complain?

I got my wish alright, and i'm gonna stick to it til the very end.
Then i'm gonna sleep.

Right now i'll be heading for a sushi buffet in Sakae Sushi, compliments of Huang Hua who graciously agreed to treat us because she got the best results.  Will be back with pictures later (hopefully). 
This is the first time that i'm getting treated for getting a not so good result.  Not bad


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