Al-Jazeera News Report on Religious Violence in Malaysia

If you have been following closely the recent controversy regarding the use of the word "Allah" in Malaysia and if you have 25 minutes to spare, you might want to take a look at this Al-Jazeera news report about the current situation in Malaysia.  Take a look at how other people does things and discuss important issues. Mind you, Al-Jazeera is not like any Western news station like CNN and BBC so you can't really complain about them being on the Western side.

On a personal front, i would like to note that the guy speaking for the Islamic Youth Movement in this news report is an epic failed guy.  His English is an epic failure, his debating skill is also an epic failure and not to mention that all he does is read from a prepared paper.  Prove of what the education system in Malaysia can do for you if you are brainwashed properly.  You do not know how to think for yourself and all you can do is to depend on what others tell you.  Speaks volume about these people opposing the use of "Allah".  They are presented with lots of facts regarding this issue and all they can do is use the same points "Allah is close to our heart", "we tolerate them for so long",  "we should discuss behind closed doors" and "Muslims will be confused by the use of the word Allah by Christians" again and again and again.  Ugh, how are we supposed to have a constructive dialogue if you only know how to respond in only four sentences?  Maybe this is what is on the paper he is holding.
No matter what they say, pick only one of these four responses according to the situation.

 You be the judge.
Who are the ones overreacting in this controversy?  Who are the ones trying to play up this issue?  If this is not an issue in other parts of the world, why it is in Malaysia?  Is there some sort of hidden agenda behind it?

No matter how i look at it, i smell politics all over. Some people will just do anything in order to stay in power.  They put fear into you, hoping you'll run to them for cover and regard them as the "protector" of the race.  If that is what they're hoping for, let's wish them luck, shan't we?

After all, the Malaysia i know today is much more tolerant and understanding compared to the past.  If the politicians are trying to garner support by using the religion card, i say we give them the boot come the next general election.  I don't want these buggers destroying my beloved country.

Come GE-13 in 2013, i'm gonna vote.  Yeah, time to show those people what i think about politicizing religion and racial issues.


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