After Exam Trip at Sentosa!

Yeah man!
A day, or rather 5 hours after playing online games until 5 am til the morning and you have me going to Sentosa island to have round 2 of "Exam is Over!" Celebration!

I was thinking of "letting the aeroplane go" (FFK) due to the lack of sleep, but well, couldn't say no to a beach trip with lots of hot girls going right?
50% of them is attached though, but i'm not complaining.

Besides, i still can watch bikini clad "ang moh" (foreigners) sunbathing which is such a rare sight at Malaysian beaches.
 There you have "tudung" clad girls sunbathing instead.

Enough of talking, time for photos!

 Group photo during lunch

Buying food which i will regret later 

This is the reason why, its freaking spicy! *Shoots Flames*

Luckily got people order same food as me 

What's a good trip without camwhoring? (Especially in a group?)

Of course, the handsomest guy must have a personal camwhore pic also
(with the help of a cool pair of sunglasses)

The second handsomest guy trying to copy me

Playing monkey volleyball in the sea

I am.... Stttt...rrroooo...nnggg! Strong!

No matter where we go, we are loyal to Eusoff Hall!
Eusoff, to the fore~~ (My hostel's anthem)

Sea, here i come!

Poster for the latest upcoming Bollywood movie

The "Hot" Panas girl for the day

Group photo by the end the day!

There are still tons of picture that we took but i'm very lazy to upload all of them here.
Too bad i did not manage to achieve my main purpose of going Sentosa, which is taking the hot
"ang moh" women sunbathing in bikini.

Never mind, next year i shall try again next year!

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