Wishing for a Neverland

In a few more days, the clock will strike 12 and it's the beginning of a whole new year.
Time really flies, don't it?
I'm gonna be 20 years of age, no more a carefree teenager but more of what they call a "young adult".  I never liked growing old.  With it comes so much responsibility, stress and uncertainty.  You will have to learn to fend for yourself, charting your own path of life, unlike the days where your parents have the path in front of you planned out nicely.

Sometimes i really wish for time to stop and i could be like this forever.  No worries, no pressure.  Just like Peter Pan!  And to think back that i was laughing at Peter Pan's "stupidity" for choosing to remain young when i was still a child.  Guess now i finally understand why.  If only there is a Neverland that i could visit.


  1. Well, you can always visit Peter Pan again... and there's a new adventure out, based on J.M. Barrie's own idea for more!

  2. LOL.. will you look at that, a wish came true (?)


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