I'm emo again.
Even after so many numerous outings with my friends.
I hate to be emo, i really do, but when life sometimes gets too much to handle, i really can't help it.

To be honest, i'm not exactly the biggest fan of myself.
Many of my friends regard me as a "perasan" person who always self praise himself, having overflowing sense of self esteem.  But how many really do know me on the inside?

When i look at my friends, i can't help but wonder why am i brought into this world.
You see, unlike my friends, i pretty suck at everything.
Singing, dancing, acting, studying, anything.
In fact, i often wonder what i really have inside myself that is worth mentioning.

And life can be so unfair sometimes when you have nothing to offer.
You'll be cast aside, ignored, unnoticed, unappreciated, just another person in the background.
This is the world.
Where "normal" is shit and only those who are strong, those on top on the social ladders will be exalted.

But please, don't bother coming to me in person and consoling me.
I'm ok.
I know the advice about everyone being unique and God loving everyone.

In fact, the knowledge about God loving everyone uniquely, without discrimination, is what makes me going.
It's just that sometimes that i can't help but to question why God want to make a world that is so unfair.
Why indeed.


  1. Because if the world is fair, people will never know how great God's love can be, how He will look beyond all imperfections just because you are his child :)

  2. Forgot to add on,

    "In fact, the knowledge about God loving everyone uniquely, without discrimination, is what makes me going." To be able to feel/think/understand this way is awesome enough for you to mention.

    Because sometimes even the most talented people doesn't have this kind of feeling/thinking/understanding you've got.


  3. You've got a point in your first comment. In fact, most of the time i realized that those who love God the are often not those with a lot of power and intelligence.

    But i have to admit that sometimes i seek approval from people and not God, and that is what make me stumble. Anyway thanks for your comments, appreciate it.

    Cheerios to you too!


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