A trip to the hairstylist

I went to have a normal haircut today.
Normal haircut then magically turned into an expensive scalp treatment plus a long sales presentation to buy a so called "organic" shampoo.
Hairstylist say my scalp is gonna die with all those dandruff and bacteria running wild on my scalp.

Did the treatment and bought the shampoo without much thought because i want my hair to stay on my head at least until i'm 30.
Then i'll go bald happily when there is enough money for me to go bald
(there's a Cantonese saying that 9 out 10 baldies are rich and i definitely want to be the 9).

Hairstylist say its my lack of sleep and stress that is driving the bacterias wild with reproduction.
Now even the hairstylist is asking me to sleep early besides my Psychology book, my parents, Mr Jason Teh, some bloody scientists from America and the pig next door.

With so many motivation to sleep early, what am i still doing here updating my blog at 2am in the morning?

A view of my scalp problem


  1. oh eww. disgusting. maybe you should consider washing your hair/scalp with dettol. you know, the orange/brown one with strong smell. haha

  2. Haha.. and u want me go bald? Whats the point then =.=


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