Moduled Madness

Ugh, wonder why must some people come up with all sorts of ways to make your life more miserable.
Found out that i cannot bid for the Psychology modules i want because i have not yet declare my major.
The funny thing is that i cannot declare my major because i do not fulfill the requirement which is taking the PL2131 Statistics module.
To make matters worse, i cannot take PL2131 module because i cannot bid for it as i have yet to declare my major.
Which brings the problem back to the start.

So how the heck am i supposed to major in Psychology now?


  1. Calm down...Calm down...
    Dun be anxious, everything would be ok de la.
    Just go and find the FOSS Undergraduate office and explain everything clearly, they will give you the module.

  2. chicken and egg problem? you can email your faculty and ask them if it is possible to have a waiver or some sorts.

    -Raymond from Eusoff


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