Merry Christmas and most importantly, Happy Birthday (Sorry too!)

Happy Birthday, my best friend, my savior and my reason to live.
I wish to personally thank you for everything you have gave me in my life though i have never been a good believer to start with, even after 19 years of believing.

Coming to NUS have been such a different experience, with me leaving my comfort zone, with so many questions and doubts in my heart.  Met with so many people, faced with so much problems and stress.

But you never left me, always there, always present for me.  In my darkest hours, my lowest moments, you're always with me.  Thank you.

Thanks for coming to the world 2000 years ago to show me a reason to live aside from wealth, fame or glory for ourselves.  On this special day, your birthday Lord, i wish to dedicate this post to you, no matter what others think because u made my life complete.


A nice Christmas song

To my friends whom i hurt today, especially Xian You, a personal sorry to each and everyone of you.
The only reason i was angry is because we are friends.
I'm never good at expressing words face to face, but i wish you all to know that i never blamed anyone for what happened today.  I know no one should be blamed given the circumstances.

Sorry for making you all angry, you guys reserve the very rights of being pissed off at me for acting so immaturely, because i never consider seeing things from your point of view.

But this is one of the proof that we are friends, because friends put feelings into their relationship and when they do that they would have the chance to get hurt too.  Normally i would not give a damn when it comes to other people.  I was angry because i was looking forward to watching the  movie with you guys after what we have discussed.  Sorry again, i hope you would understand too


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