Ma Exam Results

Received my first (again) exam results yesterday.
I've been receiving these damned exam results since i was in Primary 1 and i still can't help but feel extremely nervous every time there are exam results to be announced.  Sometimes, it just feels like a lucky draw.
You'll never know what results you gonna get until that day, but of course, in a lucky draw, everyone has an equal chance of winning but in exams, your chance of doing well is directly proportional (speaking in highly intellectual terms lol) to the effort you put in.
No effort means sucky results.

Ops, sorry to rant on and on about all these "philosophies".

Lets see, i wouldn't say my results are good or neither they are quite bad either.
I have a B+, 2 Bs, 1 B- and a C+ so i got a CAP of 3.3 out of 5 after you divide everything out.
Like usual, i'm the middle average guy.


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