Happy Stuff

I'm on a blogging spree!
Have been updating my blog since nuts after coming back to Ipoh.
Have many things to blog about i guess, since i spent 19 of my living years here.

Gonna post something not-so-depressing now since got people comment that my blog is full of depressing stuff since coming back to Ipoh.

After counting like a dozen of spiders weaving webs around my head (I think i can pass as Spider-web-man), i went out first to Jusco to try to buy some movie tickets and to look for a book "Can A Smart Person Believe in God" by Michael Guillen (No, it's not about me being smart or anything, the book is about whether a person can believe in religion and science at the same time) while meeting up with Nicole and her friend, Pei Mun.

Went back to dinner and then out again to celebrate my ex-colleague, Jess, birthday at a 3+1 shop (where you get to steamboat + fry + bbq at the same time, yeah they even have 3+1 now) with her boyfriend, her friend and another of my ex-colleague, Cheryl.  Not a very good move after having dinner.  Can't manage to stuff a lot of stuff in and still have to pay.

After that drove all the way to McD near Jusco to meet up with Yee Kheng, Tyrael and Ting Jiun.  Since the queue inside McD really long (so much for FAST food), we decided to take the drive-thru as it as it was surprisingly faster.
 Continued our night in Ginn Yi's house watching Borat, a hilariously  sick movie, but nevertheless, a must watch especially if you are stuck with a bunch of Single Handsome Guy buddies with no girls and nothing else to do.  However, be prepared for some sick scenes from the movie (imagine Brokeback Mountain, but much worse).

After reaching home and signing into my MSN, i found a close friend of mine last time whom i have lost contact with for a long long time is online!
Chat with her and found out that she is now studying music in Taiwan. Wow!
Surprisingly also she still reads my blog.

And also, Ginn Yi has finally uploaded my much awaited picture that we took in Nokia Care the other day!

What else could make my day better?


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