Day Two

Day Two in Hometown.
So far so good-lah. Settled some of my major things that i wanted to settle, like getting my driver license renewed, meeting up with buddies, getting a new pair of spectacles, catching up with the latest hometown gossip and having my mum lecture me 24-7 on the 100 ways to save money.

Been quite emo on the first day, as some of you might have noticed if you have seen my Facebook, but it is nothing now already, i'm fine, no worries.
Just had a short emotional burst and when you're having emotional bursts, sitting down with a computer in front of you, especially with your Facebook account logged on is not a very good idea 'cause you tend to lash out at whatever you can get your hands on.
(considering the fact that diaries are out of the trend now)

I have to admit that i was wrong for not thinking it through before posting what i felt on Facebook, because of what my might happen if my parents heard about it.
(or what might future employer might think, but i'm not worried that much for this)
So a BIG sorry to some of you who are shocked and disappointed and a BIG sorry to also my parents for being rude.
(yeah, my parents do read my blog, and i am not good with saying sorry face to face)

I understand that not all are born rich and not all have parents are able to support their child in uni without problems. I know that by being in where i am i now is already a privilege not many will have and no matter how hard the road in front might be, i will not question why again.

I guess this is how life works.
It can never be fair.
You'll just have to make the best out of what you get in life.
No complains.


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