Day 3 Rantings

Imagine hearing about the latest gossip in your hometown about a friend of yours who recently had his first encounter with sex.  Or the gossip about bitchy girls sleeping around with guys openly without hesitation.  Or your best friend lamenting to you about how life sucks back here, with constant worries about money and where to have fun next.

Then imagine reading a book, "Tortured For Christ", about people of the same age as those mentioned above, in another part of the world, fighting not to survive, but to spread the gospel of Jesus, without worrying about their lives knowing that unexplainable brutality awaits them because of what they are doing.
Unlike us who only know how to worry about studies, boy-girl relationships and money, they have to worry about evading capture from "secret polices" and the safety of their family who could be tortured just to get them to give up their faith.

And yet, when compared to them,  i do not feel lucky at all to have a life like mine.  Sometimes i envy those who can selflessly fight for their beliefs under horrifying tortures and yet feel a sense of unexplainable joy and peace under all these circumstances.

I complain when i have to eat bread for dinner but for them, bread seems like a luxury compared to the rotten cabbage they have to endure in prison.
And yet, they are happy.

I think that this is the way God works.
Just when i am bitterly complaining about my life, asking God why do some people get to have so much wealth in their life or why some guys are so talented while i suck at everything i do or why some guys get to enjoy things like sex and alcohol in life while i can't,
God took me aside and showed me another face of life.

I feel Him speaking to me through a simple book that i so happen to come across when i was so busy comparing my "miserable" life with others.

"A purposeful and happy life do not necessary have to come from owning a lot of worldly wealth (Like having 10 Ferrari in your garage)  or being a celebrity that the whole world idolizes or having an unexceptional talent that awes the world or having a group of hot girls as your wives or sex partners.


Look at these people who owns nothing, not known by anyone else except those who lives they came to touch, who eat rotten cabbage for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.  From a materialistic viewpoint, their life virtually sucks.  Yet, they are happy and they are content.  They have a purposeful life.

And their joy, peace and purpose do not come from any worldly objects like a Ferrari or a LCD Plasma TV, but rather a burning love for someone called Jesus Christ.  And even if they have to die for that love, they are willing to.  How many of us are willing to give our life for a Ferrari?"

I still have a LOT to learn about life.


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