Christmas Eve

It's hard to believe it's already Christmas!
This is the first time i'm celebrating Christmas away from my hometown and church and my friends in 19 years and i must say i miss how i used to celebrate it years before.
The countdown, the performances, the happiness, the lame jokes (mostly made by me).

This year i sort of celebrated Christmas Eve by following my hostel's choir team to Mandarin Oriental Hotel to do some coverage for their caroling.  Did a sort of countdown to Christmas in a bus minus the popping of firecrackers and the insane screams which i'm so used to.  The only sort of thing worth celebrating is maybe the S$ 179 (roughly RM 400+?) buffet that i got for covering the carol.

If people asked how i celebrated Christmas Eve, i would say i enjoyed a very expensive buffet at a very expensive hotel.

Will be going to City Harvest to celebrate Christmas later.
What's a good Christmas celebration without going to church?
Because the reason we're celebrating Christmas in the first place is to commemorate Jesus Christ's birthday.
Not Santa's.
Or else it'll be Santa-mas.


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