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When the final exams are already approaching, i guess it would be normal for students to complain and lament about the day when they have to sit in the examination hall and go through the painful process of squeezing every part of our brain so that we will not fail the exams.

Given a chance, many of us would gladly choose to avoid exams and think of it as a suffering that we can happily live without.

I, myself, happen to hate exams too and wished that i lived in a country where there is no examinations at all.

But how often that we will realize that it is a privilege and even luxury for some to just have the chance to go for an examination?
For them, the chance to attending school is like owning the latest iPhone for us, or maybe having a Lamborghini as our own car.

Funny as it seems, it is true.

We often do not realize how lucky we are living in this world.
Even what you're doing now, reading this blog post, is also considered a luxury many could not afford or could not do in many parts of the world due to reasons like oppresive government or simply because they do not have the money.

We often worry about the small things in life, that would seem so irrelevant to those who do not share the same fate as us.
Things like what to wear to school, the pimple growing on our face, the upcoming prom night while some of our peers are worrying about whether they can survive the day tomorrow.

Maybe life is not what we may think it is sometimes.
Maybe life does not only revolve around us, but in fact it is a way much larger picture that we may presume.
A picture that will shock and leave us speechless when we venture out of our comfort zone and take a look at what is truly happening in the world.

Maybe that is why i take a very simple attitude towards life and worry less about petty things like wearing fashionable clothes just to impress girls.
Or trying to get a cap of 5.0 every exam.

Because life is more than just this.
I realized that how lucky i am to have a chance to live the life as i am doing now and it would be a waste if i were to spend my life as anybody else, going through the same rat race to accumulate wealth and fame.

I want to give back something to this world because i do not want to waste what God have poured to me abundantly in life.
His love, a family, good friends and a chance to pursue my dreams in life.

Some might laugh at me but i want to get a shot at changing the world to be a better place by helping others.
That's my dream and maybe that's what life is for me.



  1. Yer.. Pity them larr. SIGH...*crying*... hope their life would be better.. SIGH... The pictures are really touching... ): NIce post to remian us about how lucky we are. LOL


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