The Twilight : New Moon controversy

With the release of Twilight's new movie, New Moon, fresh controversies have started between the pro-Twilight camp, which only includes females, and the anti-Twilight camp, which are all males.

The pro-Twilight camp have claimed that the new movie is awesome and so cool because aside from the oh-so-touching love storyline and a very handsome vampire, the producers even included another even more handsomer Jacob Black, which makes the movie even more worth it to watch. Aside from that, the happy ending of the film could bring tears to anyone's eyes.

The anti-Twilight camp however, do not understand the big fuss about having two handsome guys in a movie. The author of this blog especially, thinks that he is way handsomer than any of them two. Aside from that, they also claimed that the storyline is still the same old love triangle formula and the film have not much entertainment value except when your girlfriend next to you hugs you because she's so touch but you'll be too busy sleeping anyway.

Those who were neither male nor female however, have nothing to comment.

The debate continues.


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