LOL at Malaysian Politics


Malaysian politics never fail to crack me up.
Where better to look for comedy than just right in your own backyard?

In Malaysia aka Bolehland, where everything goes, literally everything goes.
Things like bright students, being Malay, Chinese and Indian, that go away from Malaysia due to the disbelievingly dark prospect in the country if you do not happen to have good relation to the ruling elites, which is UMNO or Datuks.

You will also find cars made out of Milo cans too.
Cars who have a self terminating time bomb once it reaches a mere age of 2.
Doors that will drop off, windows that cannot be closed and keys that cannot be pressed are among the self terminating mechanisms you'll find in these Milo cans.

And democracy in Malaysia is equal to not being able to wear black or hold candlelight vigils and getting water cannoned if you are attending an opposition talk.

To get a taste of funny Malaysian politics, you do not have to look far for it.
Just the 2 top leaders in Malaysia will do.

One would be our dear Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Mr Muhyiddin Yasin

And the other will be our dear PM, Najib bin Razak

On one hand you have the DPM championing Malays' rights, saying Malays rights is important and other races should not question it.
Okay, maybe he did not say it directly like that, but that was roughly his point as you know politicians can beat around the bush a long time just to make you confused.

And then out comes the PM saying that he works for all the races and everyone is equally important.

Hmm, is it me, or did i just hear a contradictory statement?

To make things funnier, both of them comes from the same party and both of them are supposedly supposed to work together in the same office building.

How come they can come up with such contradictory statement?

Or is it part of the normal Malaysian politics tactic?
Where the DPM's comment will make it to the pro-Malay newspaper while the PM's statement will only go the the Chinese newspaper?

Or is that both of them are so busy "governing" the country until they do not have the time to talk to each other to take a common stand on issue?
What happened to collective responsibility?

Malaysia Boleh.



  1. first time read your blog:
    nt bad le...wat also you write..politic also..haha...
    thumb up 4 u ..better than some other blog that i read before love story only...
    haha.. ^ ^


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