Life without Handphone

Telling me that handphones do not exist about 10 years ago is like telling me that humans do not wear clothes 10 years ago.
 Okay, that was a bad comparison, but i'm not really good at giving any with a half asleep mind.

I'm saying this is because my 4 month old handphone decided to play a trick on me by displaying nothing but a pitch black screen.

To make matters worse, i am in a foreign country with a warranty card that only works in Malaysia. Which means i have to virtually go without handphones for the rest of my period in Singapore before having a chance to send it for intensive surgery in Malaysia.

And life without handphone is not easy to start with.
I feel so disconnected, unable to receive SMS from friends asking me to go dinner or join in the day to day activities or receive important messages.

Which means i am basically left out of everything and it would be my fault because i do not have a handphone. Funny, right?

And to think that my parents do not have handphones during their time.
How do they manage, actually?
I certainly can't.

And they say that technology is good.

p/s: I'm using a substitute handphone now borrowed from my friend. Life is good when you have a whole bunch of friends who own multiple handphones. I lost all of my contact numbers though, as i forgot to save then numbers from my new handphone into my new Singapore SIM card  T.T


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