Friendships, sigh

Why do human relationships must be so complicated?
No matter what you do, there is bound to be at least someone who do not agree to what your actions.

Jesus said that  
"do unto others what you want them to do unto yourselves",
but is that really the case?
What happens when you try to be nice but people misunderstand your intention or instead take you for granted? What happened to "do unto others what you want them to do unto yourselves"?

Sometimes it's just so hard to be a good friend.

You do not know what your friends might expect, think or act.
They may have a different set of values than you and sometimes you just don't get what are they thinking or trying to do.
Worse, you might even offend them without knowing it.

And often, you will end up getting hurt and disappointed with all the problems in the friendship.
When you put too much feelings in the relationship but ended up getting shit in return.

So why bother anyway?
Wouldn't it be better to just live a life for yourself, an individualistic life, like how everyone is living and just forget about the idea of a true friendship because it does not exist anyway?


  1. Different people different expectations.

    There is no one set of rules of how to treat different people right. It comes with understanding the other person and the know-how through trial and error. That's from my experience. After a while, you get better at reading people and know what are they like and what they want/etc.

    True friendship doesn't exist because the definition of 'true' is misguided.

    Stay true to what you have always believed in and people will get to know you as you are!

    cheers and gud luck in exam!

  2. Aiyo...
    It is not that difficult la...~
    For me, if I have any feelings, I just say it. If I hurt someone, then I apologize. Sometimes people around you also cannot understand you just because you try to be too nice and not express your feelings.
    Cheer up!!! Cutie Lukey XD

  3. part of friendship involves being vulnerable, and that involves getting hurt, or hurting someone. How you deal with that determines how the friendship grows... or dies.

    individualistic life sounds like a good idea. Too bad we tend to get lonely, though.

  4. Err... i think straight forward is very important in a relationship lorr. No matter it's between the couples or even two best friends. If got misunderstadings, better explain it or talk about it before every thing when worse. When you encounter a problem like this, pray to God and ask for his help. God is listening. Take care bro!! Anything, you can just give me a call or message (: 24 hours available (: Love you bro!! (:

  5. Thanks for everyone who showed ur concern. I'm ok, just letting off some pent up steam only


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