Facebook Frenzy


Facebook should be banned.
I'm saying this because i suspect that Facebook is a tool of evil especially created for students so they cannot study and will spend the whole day on it.

Be it primary school students or even university school students,
once you open Facebook, you will have a hard time pressing the 'x' on your internet browser and going back to the History book you were reading just now.

Of course, most of us would be more interested in what our friends is up to, how our pet is doing in Pet Society or joining causes like "Barbie Dolls should have more male other than Ken" compared to reading of how the Chinese did their farming techniques 5000 years ago, right?

Therefore, i'm starting a new cause in Facebook with the name
"Ban Facebook for all students so they can study"
followed by writing a note explaining the consequences or Facebook-ing too much for students and then tagging everyone next.

But that will have to wait because i'm quite busy right now catching some mouse in Gwania.



  1. hoho..yeah..quite agree with u!..waiting for u to create it..

  2. after politic...now want to banned facebook pulak..how dare you??

  3. Erm are u 2 the same person anonymous?

  4. dun blame fb lol... hahaha

    "a bad workman always blames his tools..."


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