AFK (Away For a Killer exam)

Exams are coming!
So i guess i have to post a note here declaring that i will be in studying or rather praying very deeply in some secluded cave so i will not fail badly.

"NOTICE: The author of this blog have gone on a 2 week prayer seclusion in a deserted cave near the beaches of Johor to try to obtain last minute divine help for his exams. Please bear with the absence of the blog author as he promises that he will do his best to ensure a speedy return to blogging  and hopes that all of you would not miss his handsome face too much, not to mention his idiotic blogging style that always emphasize on the his handsomeness.
The author also wishes to wish to who are sitting for the finals in NUS a happy wishing period in which we all wish that we should have studied a long time ago.
Thank you."


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