Saturday, November 14, 2009


2012 is awesome!

Went to watch it yesterday with my uni friends and seniors yesterday at Vivo City.
The movie was great with the overall storyline and the almost 3 hours of the film do not seem long at all as you'll be sitting at the edge of your seats as the main character have a tendency to get into all sort of troubles during the end of time.

The movie also raises a lot of questions regarding humanity.

It made me wonder how will the end of days be like for all of us in this world.
I do not know about you, but i certainly believe that there will be a day when this Earth expires, either due to our own fault or due to some divine reason.

Well, serious questions aside this is a movie you should watch, no matter if you are a guy or girl, as it has elements that both guys and girls will like.
And if you want a girl to cry on your shoulder during a movie while not boring yourself out (think of the Korean love drama), try this movie.


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