Birthday is finally over!
And there goes my HANDSOMEst day in my life as how some of my hall-er friends put it.
But still, i'm really grateful for everything my friends have done, be it from Ipoh or from Singapore.

I must admit that i really did not expect so many people to remember cause well, i myself suck at remembering dates.
It's not my fault!
It's my genes!

LOL, anyway, a big thank you again and thanks for showing me that by being myself, i still can make friends.
And yeah, i was emo the last few days not cause of some.... erm... identity crisis, to put it simple.

Identity crisis as in a way that
"Why are the people (guys esp) who do not talk more than 10 words a day are so popular?"

But relax, that's over now.
I'll just continue to be myself knowing that a clown is always needed to cheer up ma friends when the people who speak less than 10 words a day hurt them.

Wait, did i just refer to myself as a clown?
I mean a comedian... XD



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