Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleeping Beauty


What do you do when you did not get enough sleep on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
You skip all your classes on Monday and go for (what else?) a sleeping marathon for the whole day.

LOL. I really do not know what got into my mind until i decided to take this drastic and maybe stupid action.

Skipped 2 tutorial classes and 1 lecture in total and gotten almost 12 hours of sleep in 1 go.
Feeling much better and alert after the sleeping marathon as compared to yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before before yesterday.

Yeah, maybe i lost some of the participation marks for tutorial.
But for me, sleep always come first before participation marks for tutorial.

I don't know bout others, but if i do not get enough sleep, i will suffer a syndrome called
which basically means i get cranky (easily angry), forgetful and blurry (not a good condition if your are a student) which basically means studying is the last thing i'm good at.

Well, since i already missed so so many classes in 1 day as compared to the months i've been here, guess i have to start studying now to make up for the lost time this morning, but maybe after 2 more hours of sleep.




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