Salutations to the BLUR King!


If there are ever any BLUR competitions organized, i think i would win them all even without participating. Serious.
Mix that BLUR-NESS with some rotten luck, and voila,
jumping off buildings suddenly seems so tempting.

Sometimes, even me myself is amazed at my ability to forget things and the luck that follows.
Let me just start by telling you a story.

Once upon a time,
there was this BLUR but handsome boy studying in NUS.

Many people wondered how he can get into NUS, being the BLUR guy he is.
Sometimes he himself wonders too how on Earth he got into NUS compared to some of his friends that have always been smarter than him during high school days.

His ability to forget things is paramount.
I think his ability can even make it into comics if there were any ideas of a superhero defeating his enemies by simply forgetting their names.

He can forget his passport number, the course he is taking, the time of his class and he can even forget that he is taking an exam when the exam is tomorrow!

The ability however, is very choosy in things it want to forget.
Names of pretty girls, DOTA heroes or his Mafia in Facebook can never be forgotten.

One day, there was this verification exercise that is going on in BlurBadLucK-BOY's uni where "lucky" students get chosen to submit their documents to be verified by the uni.

If they fail to do so, well, you can pretty much say bye bye uni.

So, with the "luck" accompanying him, he was unfortunately chosen.
It is quite sad considering that he was never chosen for good things like lucky draw but when it comes to shitty stuff like who is going to do the dishes,
you can always count BlurBadLucK-BOY in.

Of course, being the blur guy he is,
BlurBadLucK-BOY forgot to bring his an all important MUET slip.
To top it all off,
BlurBadLucK-BOY forgot when was the last time he saw his MUET slip.
Or did he even bring it to NUS.
Or did he even take MUET.

And thus, BlurBadLucK-BOY is now languishing in front of his computer writing his last will before he is kicked out of NUS and then chooses to jump the high sea.




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