Of Kids and Drama


Let me breathe a sigh of relief first before starting this post.


Okay, i'm fine.
Just returned from Salvation Army doing some volunteer work which is teaching the kids there how to act and wow, certainly was an eye opening experience.

My senior Carolyn already warned me about how rebellious the kids can get and what was going on my mind was
"Come on, they are only small kids. How rebellious can they get in a drama practice?"

To just illustrate what we went through, we have
1.) A sleeper who literally deliver his lines sleeping
2.) The laughing duo makes jokes and forgets about their lines during acting
3.) The emo girl who is quite unhappy with her role

Its like a mutiny, except its on stage.

It's a tough job, honestly.

But well, by the end of the day, we managed to get them to sit down and share with us about their feelings regarding the drama we are teaching.

I must admit that one thing that i do like about kids is that they are honest.
Yeah, it may hurt a little but at least they are willing to share what they think and how they want to improve the whole thing.

After our discussion, things seem to be a little better and well, can say that they are more willing to cooperate with old people like me.

I realized that they are just like me only.
What matters is that how i view them,
whether they are worth teaching or not,
whether i should respect them or not.

Well, i will take this on with an open heart and also an open mind!

And for patience training experience, head for Salvation Army Drama Training.



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