1. The only OCBC bank ATM in the whole campus has broken down, which means i will have to go without any cash til some people fix that stupid machine. Thank God this is Singapore or else i have to wait for months before having the chance to eat using cash again.

2. Mid terms, mid terms!
Why is everyone getting so agitated while i'm so relaxed?
Why is the MCQ question even harder than the essay question?
Why on earth do they call it mid terms when the final exam is just 2 weeks away?
Shouldn't it be something like three quarter term exam?

3. I think i'm gonna die of diabetes or heart attack sooner or later considering the type of food the hostel provides and the lack of exercise i do to compensate for that.
Well, at least i'm doing some finger exercise now by updating this blog but God knows how many million words i have to type just to burn everything off.

4. NUS has finally found a new name!
It's National University of Scandals!
And i made it into the top students list!
How i wish this was true for the real NUS....
Study would be so much more fun.

5. There's this depressing news i read that says Arts and Social Science students in NUS have only 64% chance of getting employed.
Maybe i should start considering to switch courses now...



  1. What is the scandal about? U never share with me. Haha. Real estate welcomes you man. But u'll need to be mentally prepared to face extremely strong competitions.


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