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In a recent research done by an aspiring psychologist, Mr Luke Phang Cher Hong recently on a group of undergraduates in National University of Singapore revealed some astonishing findings.

In the research, the handsome psychologist found that the undergraduates can be mainly separated into 3 groups which are the muggers, the "in betweens" and the slackers.

Muggers, as the name suggests, is people who mug over something or in other words devotes an large portion of their time in doing some sort of activity which is studying in this research.
This group of people rarely venture out of their room except to search for food and to dispose of the food they have eaten.
Study wins over everything to them, including girlfriends/boyfriends and they are the people who sits on top of the bell curve.

The "in betweens" are well, people who are in between the muggers and slackers and of course, they are the ideal group everyone should become because of the balance they have.

Slackers on the other hand, are the direct opposite of muggers. They rarely touch their books or even remember if they actually own a book.
These are the group of people who takes life easily and prefers play over work.

However, the research is still not completely finished yet because unfortunately, although he is quite handsome, the psychologist falls into the slackers group.

Which may explain why on earth is he updating his blog here when he should be actually writing the above things in a report for psychology work.



  1. From week 1 to week 3, I'm a slacker. In week 4, I'm the "In-between". Now, I think I'm a "mugger".

  2. In the lectures and tutorials, I am a "mugger".
    In my room, I am an "In-between".
    In my dream, I am a "slacker"...

  3. Looks like everyone is a bit of everything.
    Eh, where got grammar?! i dun wanna fail my english again!

  4. Wow.. that's research writing, not creative writing...


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