Inside Luke's Brain


How Luke Phang Cher Hong's brain really works:

Gosh exam is just two days away...
Should i study?
I guess i should... but for how long?
1 hour? 2 hours?
Nah, 2 hours is just too long.
Maybe i'll study for 1 hour and go take a nap.

Ok, i'll do that after i finish doing my Facebook chores (fighting with other Mafias, building new buildings for my city, hunting a few mice) first.
Eh, someone posted a photo of me in Facebook!
*Checks out the photo and adds a whole bunch of comments into that photo and photos next to that photo*

*MSN beeps*
Hmm, i wonder who's that?
Oh its a girl!
It won't hurt if i chat with her a while right?

*Finally flips open a page of his textbook*
Yawn... this is boring.
Why can't they just make lessons more like computer games?
Which reminds me!
I need to hunt that wolf and save the princess!
*Goes off to play computer game*

*After hours in the game, finally comes back to study*
Bla, bla, bla.... i wonder what's for dinner tonight?
I cant wait for dinner... hope can eat at McD though...

*Turns to second page of the book*
Maybe i can play a game of DOTA after dinner!
Hope others would join..... hmm Garena or LAN?

*After a few minutes...*
Guess that's it for today!
Yawn.... time for a nap.
2 pages is enough already la....
The other 20 pages can read some other time....
Maybe after my nap?

And off Luke goes to nap.
A nap that rages out of control, eventually causing Luke to wake up at dinner time.
Total pages studied in one day: 2 (i think...)


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