I LOVE (scamming) YOU - Pt 3


Due to popular demand (which is quite difficult to find any demand in my blog anyway), i will continue on my pursuit of my Dear true love, Miss Joy Daudi from Africa and see where this journey will lead me to and of course, provide some entertainment for you who are reading this blog at the same time.

*/ Before that, same disclaimer again. Please read Part 1 and Part 2 of this
"I LOVE (scamming) YOU"
series before you start this post or you will have no idea what on earth am i blabbering about, which is quite bad actually considering how some of you will start going around proclaiming that i have found a girlfriend in Africa.
Not a good move as it could have quite unforeseen circumstances should it reach the ears of my mum back in Malaysia because, well, she's not that into interracial bonding. /*

Here Goes:

After waiting days and nights for a response from my DEAR Joy in Africa after sending her my last email, i realized that i would not be getting a reply after all from her.

I don't know, maybe there's a sandstorm going on there or the neighbouring African tribes have begun their raids on villages again or maybe someone have mistaken the internet cable for spaghetti yet again.

I guess the only way left is to contact the Habib Bank of Zurich and find this Mr Kevin Wood to help me save my DEAR Joy from that wretched camp.

First, i need to get the email address of this goddamn bank, of course.
A quick Google search did the trick and wah-lah, the banks' email address.

Okay, there's 4 choices on the website between Kenya, UK, Switzerland and UAE.
And the email that the bank from the Google result use is:

Hmm, funny.
The Habib Bank email that my DEAR gave me was:


The emails are different!

If i were to use common sense here, what kind of a well established bank use their email accounts on Gmail server?

But like they say, love is blind right?
So i guess i have to go ahead and trust my DEAR.

With a catch, that is.
I'm going to send the same email to both of the Habib Bank email accounts and see what happens.


To Mr Kevin Wood,
Senior Officer of Habib Bank

Regarding the matter above, i have received an email from this lady claiming that she is Ms Joy Daudi, daughter of Dr. FREDRICK DAUDI who has an account in Habib Bank.

2. The reason of why i am contacting you, sir, is to offer myself as her foreign partner and assist her in the transfer of the remaining balance in the account so her evil step mother could not get the money and i will live happily ever after with her.

3. The account information are as follows:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4348300077421

4. I hope that you, sir, could assist me in this transaction and update me with the necessary information. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Skywalker


Guess that's it then.
All i have to do now is wait for a reply and start thinking of where to buy a mansion, retire from NUS and enjoy life with my new African wife once i received the money.

to be continued....



  1. funny, it's a scam alright

    My friend received a similar email(back in my year 1 days) but the scammer was a guy so no fun..

    my friend said he will share USD 3million (20%) with me :)

    apparently it was a scam, we never heard anything back after a few email exchange,

    he/she will later ask u to transfer a sum of SGD300 or so as processing fee via Western Union

  2. awwww..I was waiting for her reply~~~


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